Where to Trade In Your DVD for Blu-Ray?

I have known about this deal from Future Shop and Best Buy for some time (since last year?), but I didn’t actually take any action until today. The deal goes like this, just bring in your old DVD movie with box (original only, not copied or burned) to any Futureshop or Best Buy, you will be able to trade it in for $5 coupon or saving towards the purchase of selected new Blu Ray movies, and $10 off towards selected 3D Blu-Ray movies, pretty good deal eh?


I went to Future Shop today to do this (so I cannot speak of my experience with Best Buy yet), the process was pretty smooth with Future Shop throughout the whole transaction.

Future Shop Trade & Save
Future Shop Trade & Save Sticker

I first went to the “Trade & Save” movie sections, picked out 6 Blu-Ray movies I wanted (any movies with the sticker similar to the right image) and then basically headed to the customer service. The girls at the customer service were friendly, one of the girls told me about how she thought some of the movies I picked were really good movies and that I got a good deal for them. The whole thing took no more than 5 minutes, she rang in the 6 DVD movies I brought in and 6 Blu Ray movies I picked and then I paid for them, that was pretty much it. Easy!

If you follow my previous posts, you probably know I have a big collection of previously viewed movies, mainly from liquidation and closing sales from Block Buster and Rogers Video, these movies could range anywhere between 2.99 to 14.99 but girl from Future Shop told me they would accept any DVD movies as long as they are original and have box for them, so that part worked out pretty well.

6 Blu Ray Movies I picked up

So I picked up 6 movies and the total billed came up to be $78.33 ($69.94 + HST), which was a saving of $30 plus HST.  The movies I picked up as you can see from the left side image, they are Unstoppable, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Shark Night, Dream House, friends With Benefits and Limitless all are pretty recent so I am pretty excited about this.

Now I don’t remember the last time they ran this promotion but this one here goes from March 30 to April 19, 2012 and I know they don’t do this every month so don’t miss out on getting rid of some of the unwanted DVD movies and pick up the one you want.

As far as I know Future Shop and Best Buy are the only 2 places doing DVD trade in, but if you know of other places doing this kind of deal, let me know by posting in the comment section.

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