How To Erase and Remove Permanent Marker Ink on Wood Desk

How exactly do you remove and erase permanent marker such as sharpie written on wood materials such as your wood work desk or furniture table? It’s very easy, at least for me.

All I did to completely clean and remove the ink of the permanent marker like sharpie is to use Hair Spray.

1. See this 123 written on the wood desk by a sharpie, it’s been there for several years.

2. Start spraying hair spray on to the ink then let it sit for few second.

3. Then use paper towel to start scrapping it. Continue to apply hair spray until it’s removed completely. Finally wipe it down with clean water.

That’s it, pretty simple. If you search online for solution, people may suggest toothpaste but I haven’t tried that myself because using hair spray worked for me.

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