Where to recycle vacuum cleaner in Coquitlam?

It’s all about green, environmental plays a big part in our life these days. A while back (can’t remember how far back) everyone would throw everything in a garbage bin; pop can, paper, cardboard, small electronic items, batteries, you name it.

Nowadays, I dont know about you but personally I won’t feel comfortable seeing those mentioned items in a garbage bin as opposed to the dedicated recyling bin.  Anyhoo, you get my points so let’s do our part to save green.

Recycling Your Vacuum Cleaner in Coquitlam

Now, let’s move on to focus on the topic, where to recycle vacuum cleaner in Coquitlam or Metro Vancouver area?  See I have a vacuum cleaner that’s about 9 years old, it’s big and loud but it does the job.  The problem is it’s so big and it’s taken up a lot of space at home, plus the roller belt is broken, not to mention the power consumption on that is probably double than those recent models; so in short, I am getting rid of it and going to look into getting a new one which obviously need to be smaller, lighter and hopefully energy-saving.

So I am going to recycle the big robotic vacuum.  What I found is that in Coquitlam, there are actually 4 recycling depots you can take your old vacuum cleaner in, the one I am taking to is the one on Lougheed Highway by the Canadian Tire, Lougheed Return-It Depot Inc.  You can find out more about which location is the most convenient for you in the Lower Mainland and other BC area, what other information regarding small appliances recycling program through BC Unplugged website.  The website is informative and will help answer a lot of questions you may have about recycling program.



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