Lawn Service and Maintenance in Vancouver – Core Aeration

Today, 2 weeks after I signed up with the Lawn Maintenance company based in Vancouver, they came out to my yard and did what is known as core aeration. If you search the term online or talk to any lawn experts, you will find out that core aeration is the most important part of making your lawn healthy.

It’s basically a process of taking out a core of soil from the ground using a lawn aerator, and that apparently helps reducing thatch buildup and loosening up the turf which ultimately allows oxygen and water to get into the root easier.  At first glance at the lawn when I got home, I did not notice any work done.  As the matter of fact, I did not know it was done until I opened up my mail box because they left a copy of an invoice in there.

Upon further digging, I found that there were chunks of soil, about 1.5” x 2.5”, left on the surface everywhere on my lawn.  I was told as stated on the invoice not to remove and leave them there as they will break down over the next few weeks and serve as some kind of nutrition for the turf.  The invoice also had a note saying something about mowing and watering the lawn on a weekly basis.  So far so good, we will see what happen when they show up next time.  The annoying weeds by the way are still hanging around there. Meanwhile if you have anything to say, use the comment box below.

2 thoughts on “Lawn Service and Maintenance in Vancouver – Core Aeration

    1. Hi David, I haven’t heard or seen anything done since the core aeration application. I meant to contact them regarding the schedule of the weed control and other services they claim they would do but didn’t get a chance to. The grass still looks terrible and the only thing to keep it under control is to mow the lawn weekly to keep it low. I will however find out more soon.

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