Telus Optik TV Theme Pack Price Increase

Got a letter from Telus early July regarding changes to my Optic TV service; it’s about an increase in pricing by $3 for each theme pack.  So if you work out the math, it’s a 50% increase, from what used to be $6 per theme pack to now $9 per theme pack.  So if you work out the math again, if everyone does nothing and make no changes to their account, Telus would increase their revenue by how much?  I will leave that to you to figure it out.

Beside the price increase as mentioned, the other change is that they now have new combo selection; it goes from $59/mo for 6 theme packs (Medium Choice) to $132/mo (All-In) for 15 theme packs plus some movie channels.  The other change is that HD is now part of the package, so if you order a theme pack that has associated HD channel, it will be included at no extra charge.

I currently have 11 theme packs which I signed up initially back in 2008, i haven’t made an attempt to change anything as the price for each theme pack has always been $5.75 until now.  If I do nothing right now, this means I would add $35.75 plus HST to the bottom line just for the theme packs.  The other thing is now that I am contract free, I was informed that they would charge me $15 for the PVR set, so in total my bill will be increased by $50.75 + HST.  This is quite significant if you ask me.

I need to re-review my plan.  Upon a quick scan at the combo selection, i think the medium choice will work better for me.  The only part I dislike is the fact that they are going to start charging me $15 for the PVR, I will call them tommorow to find out if they can waive that and post it back here.

How does this change of pricing affect you?  Share it with us in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “Telus Optik TV Theme Pack Price Increase

  1. Telus has reported huge profits this year so not sure how they can substantiate these wild increases. I think Telus and the other providers better wake up … the kids these days AREN’T watching TV any more!!! Need I mention that with 100+ channels it is hard to find anything of interest to watch … then add an increase like this … I am certainly considering following my kids direction, they are using the Internet exclusively for entertainment, news, etc.

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