Transport from Disneyland Anaheim to Universal Studios

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been planning a trip to Disneyland for the past few weeks. We have booked our vacation package (flights and hotel) through Westjet; this time we left the attractions out because we think we could save a few bucks if we could arrange them ourselves. Of the 6 days we are staying in Anaheim, we will spend 4 days at the Disneyland and 1 day at the Universal Studios.

I am still in the process of figuring out all these but here are some of the things about Universal Studios I thought I want to share with you. There are many ways to plan the Universal Studios trip (from Anaheim Hotel) especially if the intend is to save money. The combination could be that you buy the full tour package from a reputable bus line (which include admission and transfer) or you can buy ticket separately and arrange transfer or rent a car if you are comfortable with driving around the area. However you plan it, it requires a lot of research so plan accordingly.

For us because we have accumulated enough Airmiles points, we redeemed the reward miles for the Universal Studios admissions. Find out where you can buy Universal Studios Hollywood tickets in Canada.

Now that I got the tickets through Airmiles, I need to arrange for transportation from the Hotel in Disneyland Anaheim to Universal Studios. Upon researching the web, what I found the cheapest option is to book through a bus line called Grayline. Grayline offers transportation from Anaheim hotel to Universal Studios for US$38 for adult, and apparently there is no charge for children, so kids ride free. Appears to me this is the best value compare to other sites.

There are terms on the Grayline website that you will want to know, for example, there will be a $3 per passenger fuel surcharge that you pay when you check in, also you want to make sure you call to confirm the reservation at least 72 hours in advance, etc. so make sure you read through it.

Note that this will be our first time using them so I have yet to experience their services but I will update this post when I return from my trip which is sometime end of March 2014. Hope this is good info for you to plan your Universal Studios trip from Disneyland Anaheim. Share your story on the Universal Studios trip using the comment section below.

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