Lawn Maintenance and Care in Vancouver – Deciding Factors Review

My lawn has been a problem for the past few years.  It’s weedy, mossy and…ugly.  My frustration level is to a point that I either replace the whole lawn or I hire a lawn expert to deal with the problem.  Just like many others, cost is always a contributing factor when it comes to making decision so for this round I chose to go with the second option which is to hire a lawn care company.

During my research of what lawn maintenance company to use (based in Vancouver or Coquitlam), I learned a lot about the type of lawn services and how that may help cure my lawn.  These services include core aeration, lime, power raking, etc.  Most companies offer some kind of packages also known as programs, these programs typically are an annually services including anything from seeding, weeding, fertilizing to mowing.  The prices could range anywhere between $300 to $1100 yearly.

One advise though for which company to go for is even though cost is important, you always want to go with someone who has a good reputation, long standing company history as well as fully covered by various insurance policies such as Commercial General Liability and WCB.  What I did in this particular case obviously was to search Google and see if they are with the local Chamber of Commerce, check out their BBB rating and most importantly read through their reviews in various websites.

Weedy Lawn
Weedy Lawn before lawn maintenance service

After a few days of research as well as obtaining some quotes from few companies, I made a decision who to go with.  One of the reasons I went with this company not only because I thought their price was reasonable but most importantly I got to talk to the person who physically came to my property and did the quote.  I don’t know about you but that meant a lot to me especially talking to someone specifically about my property and knew what they were talking about.  The person recommended the type of program I should go for and how it would help my lawn situation and basically helped me decide which program to go for.  Good experience so far.

At this time I will not enclose who I hired to do this job due to various reasons but I may at the end of the program depending on the final product as well as…my mood.  But this post here basically is to document the changes of my lawn, before and after photos, most importantly to see if the money spent is worthwhile.  Finally I am hoping the posts would help some of you out there with the same situation to make the right decision.

If you feel like sharing your experience or to give review for the company you used, feel free to leave a couple lines in the comment section.  That’s it for now until the first service.

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