Blackberry Password Keeper for iPhone 5

I have just switched to iPhone 5 recently after using BlackBerry phones for years.  Long story short, I am still a big BB supporter (was hoping for Z10 or Q10) but due to the fact that the company I work for is currently initiating or testing out the i-ideas, I had no choice but to follow the corporate initiatives.

Like many of you, we all have tons of web signups with usernames and passwords, basically to a point that it’s impossible to remember them all.  Thanks to Blackberry Password Keeper over the past few years for keeping me organized, I was able to neatly record and store all those information in a single location, and show them when needed basically with one password.

When it comes to keeping passwords or sensitive data, I don’t trust anyone other than myself.  I like Blackberry Password Keeper because it does the job and it’s simple.  BB Password Keeper allows you get to keep your passwords locally with your device without uploading it to any third party, cloud, or someone else servers.  I don’t know about you but uploading to an online server is a huge risk item for me because I just can’t get away from thinking what if the server is compromised?  Although online upload is not an option, you still have the ability to backup the encrypted data to your local computer using desktop manager for easy restore in case your lost your phone or new device transfer.  Finally, BB Password Keepers is free comes preloaded with the device so there is no app to download.

Now I have switched to iPhone 5 and, am still hunting down for a Password Keeper similar type of app, and still haven’t come across one that met my requirements.  Here is a list of features I am looking for, nothing more, nothing less:

  • Keep encrypted data locally
  • One password login to the app
  • Ability to backup to a local computer
  • Ability to restore to a new device
  • Ability to search account (since I have over 100 accounts listed)
  • Fields should at least include, account name, username, password, URL and note section
  • No online upload to third party server/cloud feature

These are all basic functionalities, someone out there should come up with a basic app like this to serve those ex-bb users.  Perhaps I am just overwhemled with the information out there but if you know or found iphone password keeper app as described above, share it with the rest of us using the comment field below.

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