All Users Count Is Wrong In Multisite

I recently purchased a WordPress classifieds plugin/theme and have been testing and modifying it to suit my needs. One of the things I needed to do was to import all the users from the existing database (non WordPress) to one of the multisite databases via a CSV file. Everything went pretty smooth however it appeared that the user count in users.php was wrong. I imported 9500+ users but it shows All(2013) | Super Admin (1). The item total however is shown correctly.

I original thought there was some bug with the network user count, but I later found that there was something to do with the browser’s cache. So what I did was I closed the browser, cleared the history and logged back in. That basically fixed the problem.

So if you ever run into the same problem when importing users through CSV files to one of your network sites, just make sure you close the browser, clear the cache, cookies and history, your problem should be fixed.

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